Skid steers, also known by brand name as a Bobcat, are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment for anyone working in construction or on a farm. Skid steers are necessary for many projects and make jobs much more manageable for a variety of contractors. Here is our list of some of the best skid steer uses.


Skid steers are an excellent option for excavating when there is not enough clearance for the boom from a large excavator. To use a skid steer for excavating, the operator uses the skid steer to dig a ramp that leads down to the desired excavation area. From there material is dug out and then the skid steer drives back up the ramp and places the dirt elsewhere. This process is repeated, and the ramp is made steeper and longer as the excavation continues. This is a great option for digging basements under existing houses, as you cannot use a large boom excavator to dig, as the house is in the way.


Another use for a skid steer is grading soil. You grade soil to keep draining issues from affecting your home, or to level it off where there are many imperfections in a lot before building. When you grade a yard for drainage issues, you are changing the slope of the yard so that water will drain away from the house instead of towards it and into the basement or foundation. On smaller properties and with smaller projects, this can be achieved with a rake and some extra soil, but with larger properties and projects you will need a skid steer to get the job done. All you need is a standard bucket attachment to scrape and move soil across the property as well as the professional skill to do it right.


If you are looking to do any demolition work, including ripping out tree stumps, patios, and post construction clean up, then you will want to invest in a skid steer. Considering its small size, a skid steer can get into places that other construction equipment cannot. It also has the strength to be able to handle jobs like tree stump removal even though it is a compact piece of machinery.

Endless Attachments

With so many different attachments, the reality is that skid steers can do almost anything you want them to. To list just some of the attachments for a skid steer, you have an auger, a backhoe, a bale squeeze, a broom (pickup and rotary), a brush cutter, a bucket, a cold planer, a grapple, a hay spear, a landplane, a log splitter, a pallet fork, a post driver, a power rake, a rock bucket, a roller, a root grapple, a rototiller, a snow blower, a sod roller, a stump grinder, a trailer spotter, a tree puller, a tree sheer, and a trencher. A skid steer can do a laundry list of construction and excavation jobs with the right attachment.

If you are looking to have skid steer work completed, then Cripple D’s is the company that you need. We do countless jobs with our skid steers, including landscaping, grading, mulching, demolitions, snow blowing and removal, brush and tree clearing, and digging post holes. If you can think of a job that can be done with a skid steer, we do it! Contact us today.