Before you build your dream home it is important to understand the importance of properly levelling your property. Obviously, you will want to have a level plot of land before constructing your house, but it is also important to have a level yard for your landscaping. This will be especially true if you are planning to plant a grass lawn around your home.

The first important step before levelling a plot of land is to prepare. Your property will require professional surveying so as to determine what slope the land requires before land grading begins. After you have completely levelled your property to your satisfaction then you can begin with the construction of your house and any landscaping ideas.

A properly levelled yard is mandatory to prevent leakage into the foundation of the home and ensure proper drainage. This will be done by grading and preparing the soil. Talk to a professional machine operator who will help you decide the best slope for your property and for proper drainage. A property that has existing sidewalks, driveways, or trees can affect which type of grading options you select. The most important thing is to properly grade your yard in a way that it will slope away from your home and into a drainage area. The drainage area is usually found at a culvert near the end of a driveway.

If you are planning to install grass sod then you will need to finely grade the soil with a mechanical grader or rake. This will guarantee that the sod will be uniform and flat after installation. It will also eliminate low spots or any bumps that are in the yard. After the sod has been installed you may want to use a roller to flatten the surface further.

Properties, that are properly levelled, are essential for the correct construction of a house and the landscaping of a yard. A properly levelled yard will make yard maintenance so much easier. For example, you will be able to easily establish a level edge along the perimeters of the lawn. This level edging will make it easier to use a lawnmower without additional trimming.

Properties that are not correctly levelled will also not have a uniform edging. Edging that is not level will make your lawn look shaggy and uneven.

At Cripple D’s, we can provide you with everything you need so that your yard is completely level for any construction or landscaping projects. Cripple D’s is run by Dennis Schulz and he offers a wide variety of skid steer and excavation services to help with your levelling needs. Dennis and his team strive on providing you with excellent customer service and work to the highest standards of safety to ensure the workers and public are safe during our workings hours! We also make sure to deliver on time and on budget so there are no unpleasant surprises for you. Give us a call at 780-966-5317 or email to book your appointment or ask any questions about levelling that you may have!