Excavation is serious business. Whenever you are doing any kind of dig, there are a lot of safety concerns that must be taken into consideration, including what is buried and how to keep those on site from getting hurt. Excavation is also crucial to any build because without a proper foundation your structure will not stand. Selecting an excavation company that will get the job done right is critical. Below are the things you should watch out for when making this hiring decision.

Start Online

A great tool to use when looking for reputable excavation services is online reviews. They can give you a general idea of the quality of someone’s work, though, if an excavation company predominantly does work for contractors and not the consumer public then they may not have a lot of online reviews. Also, you need to take online reviews with a grain of salt. Anyone can leave online reviews, and a company may be paying for fake positive reviews to be put up. If you find a company with a strange mix of one-star reviews citing terrible service and five-star reviews praising fantastic service and there does not appear to have been a change in management, then the positive reviews may be purchased.


Once you have identified a few reputable companies you are interested in getting service from, you will want to check out what kind of experience they have and how much experience they have. The right expertise makes all the difference, as different jobs require different skills. There are many various aspects of excavation work including moving soil, driveway preparations, and excavating footings. You want a company who is familiar with the type of work you want to be done.

Certification and Training

This is incredibly important. The people who are doing work on your job site, whether commercial or residential, need to have the right licences for the machinery they use and the certification that shows they know all codes, safety practices, and regulations. Ask to see training certificates so that you have the assurance that they can get the job done and get it done safely.


Insurance is critical for all job sites. It protects everyone, and no company should be allowed on a job site without insurance. Insurance protects the crew, equipment, and the job site. If the job is over a certain size, they may also need to have a bond for the job, though this is not always necessary.


Good work costs money. When you are looking for a contractor to do your excavation work, you will get a lot of quotes. Going with the cheapest quote is not always the best idea as they can sometimes imply a lack of quality service. Contractors who offer good payment options, a reasonable rate, and a good work schedule are incredibly attractive.

Great Service, Great Value

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