Excavation work can’t stop just because the ground has frozen over. No soil type is safe from the effects of freezing weather, turning a once seemingly easy job into a stubborn mess. The best course of action to take when dealing with impenetrable soil, or knowing it will happen in the future, is to have the right excavation equipment for the job on hand. Moisture, grain size and low temperatures are all factors that need to be considered when going into a job and acquiring the right equipment for it. Machines that can generate a lot of force and come with the option of having sharp, narrow attachments for greater penetrations, offer the best chance for breaking through frozen material.

Why Being Prepared in Important

Unexpected delays due to the frozen ground don’t just impact the physical job itself. Long delays will affect the efficiency of your excavation contractors. Having them standing around with nothing to do while machine operators try and fail to break ground thanks to ineffective machinery will also cost you money. As the job takes longer, overtime costs may take effect depending on the size of the job and the time it takes.

Health and safety concerns are also something to worry about if you’re working in damp, freezing temperatures without the right equipment. Don’t forget about the constant force and strain put on the excavator and its operator, trying to break through the solid, frozen ground that doesn’t want to budge. The equipment suffers, potentially shortening its lifespan. With continued use without the proper attachments, you’ll be replacing that excavator sooner than you thought, especially if it wasn’t in the best condition in the first place.

How to Prepare

Being prepared will save you time, money and a massive headache. If you know you’ll be working in difficult conditions, make sure you have the proper low-temperature oils in your machines as well as the extraction tools. While doing this, inspect every aspect of the excavator, focusing on the boom, stick and attachments, for cracking or other necessary repairs. If you miss something and a repair needs to be made onsite, have replacement parts brought with you to fix any issues on hand.

The Best Excavation Method

Using hydraulic rippers is the most effective way to efficiently excavate frozen ground without the risk of anything breaking. This hydraulic attachment creates vibrations in the space between the tool itself and the ground. This new technology has been proven to beat other hydraulic attachments by a long short in regards to removing frozen material. It puts minimal stress on both the excavator and its operator.

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