Most of us dream of a home with a beautiful, well maintained lawn. The best part of spring and summer are the BBQ lunches and family gatherings under the sun, watching kids and pets frolic about in a pretty backyard. However, maintaining your lawn is easier said than done.

Regular lawn care is demanding and exhausting, especially after a gruelling week at work. Mowing, pruning, and weeding takes time and effort. For some, it is a hobby, but for others, it is hard work. How about enjoying a pretty lawn without breaking your back? How about hiring an experienced professional to do it for you instead? Look at some other reasons how outsourcing lawn care and maintenance can give you the peace of mind to enjoy your backyard for the whole summer.

Enjoy Much Needed Free Time: You have long hours at work. There’s no end to chores at home as well. For optimum health and relaxation, physically and mentally, it is essential to find some time to rest. Stretch out on a hammock and soak up the sun. Enjoy the tulips and daffodils over a cup of tea on your patio or read that book you have been neglecting for so long. A little lawn care by experts can help you focus on what you really enjoy.

Save on Garden Tools: Yes, there are costs for outsourcing landscaping services, but you may be surprised by how much you really save in the long run. There are other expenses beyond a lawnmower. You need to spend money on good quality equipment, along with the seeds, shrubs, and trees you plant.

  • Gloves: To prevent blisters, calluses, wounds, and ruining those beautifully manicured fingernails, you need a pair of sturdy gloves. One pair is usually not enough. You will need at least a couple to use one when the other is dirty or worn.
  • Shovel: You will need a lightweight but strong short-handed shovel for regular digging.
  • Wheelbarrow: A wheelbarrow saves you time and effort to move pots and tools around your garden, whatever size it is. Plastic wheelbarrows don’t last long. Metal ones with pneumatic tires last long but cost more.
  • Garden Rakes and Sprayer: You need to spray pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide to keep your plants safe from insects and pests. You will also need a rake to sweep up dry leaves, smoothen mulch or scoop up piles of weeds. Everything adds up.

Expert Lawn Care by Cripple D’s

When you hire professionals for lawn care service, you also get the advantage of their professional grade equipment along with their expertise. They know when to trim the grass and how to keep the blades even. They can landscape your yard and customize your garden. They can revive ruined flower beds after a storm or heavy rains.

Enjoy a well maintained lawn without sweating over it. Call Cripple D’s to do the job for you! We offer lawn mowing, fertilizing, weed control, pest control, and much more to reduce your stress and make your life easier. We use high-quality equipment to provide you the with best results with full attention to detail, and we can even revive damaged lawns. Best of all, we have affordable prices for our services. If your address is within our service area, schedule your next landscaping needs with us.